Ashley Rae Photography

Dekora albums offers High-quality albums and exceptional customer service. Their designs are divine, clean, and perfect for my photography brand. The simplicity of designing and ordering makes the ease of the process seamless. I cannot recommend them enough.


Jeremy Chou Photography

Since my studio’s main focus is on the luxury clientele for wedding photography, I needed products that not only reflect my studio’s core value, and also exceed my clients’ expectation. With Dekora Album, I am able to offer a luxury albums with some of the best cover options in the industry. In addition, I also offer an array of carefully handcrafted products that my clients can enjoy for years to come!


Sachin Khona Photography

Dekora albums care, attention to detail and customer service have been absolutely incredible. (Shout out to Chris in particular!) They love what they do and it shows. Stunning albums, again and again. My clients are beyond happy and that’s what matters most to me. Thanks for making it easy Dekora team!


Taylor and Porter

Dekora are not only friendly, kind and passionate about what they do, they offer products that truly honor the time and energy that goes into creating photographs. My clients love their albums and I love working with Dekora. Heirloom quality that is second to none.


Katie Grant Photography

The team at Dekora always go above and beyond with regards to communication, information, and service and they are the most helpful representatives of for their products that I have found anywhere. More than this, their finished products are always consistent, beautiful and of the best quality. I am a customer for life with Dekora!


Tyler Rye Photography

I have been using Dekora Album’s for almost two years now and have been blown away by this company! As a wedding photographer I have tried several companies over the past 10 years and no one has come close to Dekora Album Co.! The attention to detail they put in their products is unmatched. You simply can’t find a better company for Albums. In addition to the best Album products on the market they have the best customer service I have interacted with.


Nicole Ashley Photography

There is no other album company out there that goes above and beyond for its clients the way that Dekora does- period. I bounced between different companies for a few years until I hit a point that I didn’t even enjoy selling albums anymore.

After meeting Chris at a photography conference and getting to see the products in person I finally decided it was time to reintroduce prints and albums to my clients again. Chris and his team helped me every step of the way and to this day are readily available if I ever have questions or need advice.

Not only is the customer service incredible, but the quality of their products is also something I am proud to showcase in my business.


Jeff Cooke Photography

I’ve been working using Dekora Albums or over 5 years and have nothing but great things to say about them! I’m consistently blown away but their customer service and attention to detail. Their products are unmatched when it comes to print and material quality, and they offering a wide range of custom options which compliments our diverse clients.

Albums have become a huge part of our business and having a relationship with the people making those albums is important to me. That is why Dekora has become more than just a book company, they’re part of our team! Simply put, our business wouldn’t be the same without Dekora!


Angel Owens Photography

Let me just say this… Dekora is the the absolute industry BEST! Not only do I receive the finest quality with every little detail they offer, but the team takes me through a wonderful experience EVERY TIME. 

With Dekora, you talk to actual people who care, understand and educate when needed. Their quick responses allows for quick turn around times for your clients. Seriously, I can’t rave more about this company, their classic products and their exceptional customer service is out of this day in age!

Thankful to work with Dekora… if you’re trying to decide to order client work from them, DON’T WAIT!


Kristin La Voie Photography

Dekora albums are by far the best quality (and prettiest!) albums available. I am so happy to offer them to my clients , and their customer service is beyond anyone else’s I’ve experienced in my 11 years photographing weddings.


Czar Goss Photography

The team at Dekora is nothing short of amazing! I am constantly blown away by their attention to detail, level of responsiveness and thorough communication.

It feels so good to know I can offer my clients the most beautifully crafted, heirloom-quality products that are created by such a caring, supportive team. Dekora is the perfect supplier of fine art goods for my brand!


Philip Casey Photography

I absolutely love using Dekora for my albums and print boxes. For the first time ever, I actually have a personal relationship with one of the companies I do business with.

They take care of me and deliver superior, high-end products for me to then sell to my clients. I trust them and know that if there are ever any issues, they will do whatever it takes to make it right.


Emily Jean Photography

There is no comparison to the beauty of a Dekora album. It is truly a work of art within itself. Chris and his team work so hard to create their handmade fine art products, and the result is nothing short or a beautiful tangible heirloom album.

I am so grateful to be using a Canadian album company, and my clients are very thrilled to hear their product is created locally. There are countless incredible things I can say about Dekora. Their product, their team and their customer service are all so wonderful.

The process to order albums and prints is extremely easy, and they are able to ship your product directly to clients. Once you get your hands on one of their products, you will not be disappointed.


Kayla Yestal Photography

Integrating Dekora products into my client experience was one of the simplest ways that I elevated my brand to a level I had always dreamed of! From the very first sample I received, I have been in love with their unmatched level of quality.

Throughout all of my years in the industry, including a full year of working for customer service at a competing print shop, I have never come across a team that is so meticulous. They truly create a product that is equally a work of art as the imagery it displays.

Beyond falling head over heels for their quality of work, the thing that draws me back to Dekora the most is the care that they show for every single customer. Chris and the entire team always ensure to respond to my emails or phone calls as quickly as possible, and are so quick to offer insight wherever they see fit! At this point, they feel like an extension of my business with the way that they are constantly looking at ways to provide the best product possible to myself and my clients!


Janine Rose Photography

Working with Dekora has always been a complete dream. Everyone I’ve encountered through the company has been so extremely helpful and friendly, always going above and beyond to make anything possible! I have never felt like “just another customer” and that feeling really goes a long way to making a difference.

I also love how customizable the products are, making it really easy to deliver a custom, high quality album to each client. And of course I love supporting a Canadian company over anything else. They put so much care into their customer service and their products, that it’s completely ruined every other printing company for me – I couldn’t go anywhere else!


Abby+Dave Photography

Working with the Dekora team has been an absolute pleasure. Chris is beyond helpful at explaining things and answering questions quickly and we appreciate the care they put into customer service.

And the albums are gorgeous. We love the romantic simplicity of their lines. With additions like a velum sheet and rich cover textures that invite you to explore each piece with all of your senses.Thank you, Dekora for all that you do!


Hugh Whitaker Photography

I don’t think I could even begin to do justice to Dekora in 1 review, The care and attention that goes into every single aspect of their business is absolutely incredible. The product itself is what attracted me to them (The albums are stunning) but it’s the customer service that keeps me so loyal, I have never dealt with a company in any aspect of life that cares so much about their clients. These guys really are the best!


Kayla Barker Photography

I am SO thankful that I found Dekora Album! Over my eleven years as a professional photographer, I have never found a better album company with such amazing customer service. Chris and the whole team at Dekora have been so amazing to work with!

They go out of the way to make sure my products come out perfect, beautiful and on brand. They are quick to answer questions, solve problems and make customizations easy. They really listen to their customers and I really value that.

I am so thankful to have them as part of my business and offer their beautiful heirloom products to my clients!

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