• IMPRINTING 101 – Die Cast vs Foil Kiss

    Here at Dekora Album Co. we offers a few creative imprinting options to choose from when customizing your album or box cover, Below is an overview of the current options available to you and your clients. Please note that some processes work better on certain materials.



    TEXT IMPRINT (Handset/Hot Stamping Process) using a pre made set of block letters put into a stamping machine and with the set letters stamped into the cover surface with high heat and pressure. This form of text imprint is limited to 1 5 characters per line and can be applied in both a blind or foil application

    CUSTOM IMPRINT or LOGO DIE (Hot Stamp Process) Using a vector based design file created in Adobe Illustrator (.ai or .eps formats are preferred). A “Die Cast” of your design is then created for the hot stamping process. This imprint can be used in both a blind or foil application

    Please Note: Due to the surface nature of our natural linen material the “BLIND IMPRINT” is NOT recommended.

    Images showcased below are clients examples of TEXT IMPRINT and CUSTOM IMPRINT where a “debossing die” was created for the imprinting process.


    We are so excited to be able to offer your clients a new state of the art FOIL KISS process. This amazingly flexible process allows you to produce some amazing text options or any custom design with ease.

    Your supplied text or vector design is digitally printed on a specialized foil and transferred to the cover material of choice. In some cases the material texture may show as the foil kiss process is transferred to the surface of the selected materials and not pressed into the surface like the debossing option offered where a die cast is required.

    Please Note: Due to the nature of the “Foil Kiss” process the “BLIND IMPRINT” option is NOT currently available.

    Images showcased below are client examples of FOIL KISS where our special digital print and transfer process was used for the imprinting process. NO imprint die was required for this imprint.



    TEXT IMPRINT uses a selection of hand set block letter type to create an attractive imprint of up to 15 characters per line with 2 lines included. Dekora currently offers 6 different font styles via the SHOP

    PLEASE NOTE: If BLIND IMPRINT the desired imprint format the DEBOSS IMPRINT option MUST be the selection in your order.

    HOUSE CALLIGRAPHY uses our “House Font” to create a script “hand wriiten” effect of the desired text. There is currently 1 house calligraphy font available. The typical application is the the clients name only but you can request a second line if required

    Our “House calligraphy” is available in both hot stamping & foil kiss applications

    CUSTOM IMPRINT when you are thinking of a custom imprint design we are happy to assist you in making it a reality. Simply source a vector design from your local designer or online resource or create your design in Adobe Illustrator and save as a sized vector graphic in an .AI or .EPS format and supply it with your order

    Our “Custom imprint” is available in both hot stamping & foil kiss applications

    PLEASE NOTE: All (3) imprinting styles are available in both HOT STAMPING & FOIL KISS Processes.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Social media is a large part of most peoples daily lives, thus we all need to embrace it and utilize it to the best of our abilities. If you spend your time wisely and explore the benefits to building your photography brand it can pay off in the end


    You should do a full review of your website and online profiles and connect your photography website with FacebookInstagramLinkedin etc

    Ensure your website is functioning well and your online social media accounts are correctly linked and are up to dated showcasing your best work.


    INSTAGRAM is a great platform for photographers looking to promote their craft and brand to the world through the beauty of all things visual. Fill your feed with stunning images  to capture the attention of the world.,

    Users can add written descriptions and hastags that are relevant or popular to images to be found on the instagram platform.

    Hastags such as #handmadealbums, #portraitalbums, #weddingalbums are ones that Dekora use quite often in posts. Examples can be found here

    Be sure to explore NEW features in Instagram like the stories, IGTV and even their SHOP functions.


    FACEBOOK is one of the original social media platforms has also become one of the largest and widely used networks. In most cases businesses will use their business page to showcase and promote their brand to their followers or potential clientele.

    POSTS: It is always be to post in consistant ways like 2 times per week at the idea time for your followers

    Use the STORIES feature to showcase a cool new offering in a fun short video that can be shared publicly or privately with your followers.



    TIKTOK is a great way to attract a users attention to a FUN showcase video of you interacting with product or client. Share something as simple as flipping thru an album or a behind the scenes video to gain the attention of potential follows that could become interested in your brand and services

    Get to the POINT right??. These videos or photos are meant to be short sweet and fun. Be sure to check out Dekora’s TIKTOK here


    It is always great to connect with like minded people in the photo industry to show, share and support one another. It is always better to support one another in the growth of ones business than to be competitive and hold one another back. Some great groups are listed below.




    This is ARC

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