How can I get a price quote?

Just register for a free account online. Please note: Dekora Album Co. is only set up to deal with professional photographers ordering products for “resale”. Once you’re account is approved, you will be able to see pricing online.


How do I send you my images?

You can shop on-line via the SHOP and upload your files by sharing (copy & paste) a Dropbox file link in the comment/special instruction box of each product order form. This is done during the ordering process

Alternately you can use WeTransfer to share files after the order is submitted if you prefer. Kindly include the order number and job name in the upload and share it with

How long does it take to hand make an album?

Once you have submitted your album design, please allow 3 weeks to print, bind, and have your order shipped or ready for pick-up.

I shoot film and not digital, can I still order your albums?

Absolutely! If you are shooting film, your prints and albums will look especially awesome in our fine art giclee album. Your negatives will need to be scanned at a high resolution. They will be 10-20 MB sized files. We recommend that your use your local lab’s roll film scanning service at the time of processing.

I want a studio logo die - how do I do that?

Below are some tips on ordering a studio logo die for embossing/imprinting.

File Types:
Vector Files: AI and EPS | Please note:  Tiff or Jpeg files saved as EPS are not a true vector file
File Dimensions:
Maximum Height: 2 inches
Maximum Length: 3.5 inches
Artwork Requirements:
Background must be 100% solid white
Text must be 100% solid black
Design elements must be kept at a minimum. Thin elements may not reproduce in the final die

Cost: $100.00 (1 time fee to create metal die cast)

How should I name my files?

Your album spreads are printed and bound in sequential order, so naming your files correctly is important. We suggest that you use a sequence number at the beginning or at the end of the file name and that each sequence number has two digits. For example 1 would actually be 01. A full filename therefore could be…


and so on…

If you are uploading multiple designs against one order number please include the design name in the file names so we can differentiate your layouts.

Is there a guarantee?

Absolutely. Our albums are individually handmade and we’re proud of the skill and craft that goes into their production. Each album is guaranteed for life from manufacturing defects.

The guarantee does not cover issues regarding excessive wear, mishandling, liquid & food damage or with the original layouts supplied or mistakes when ordering, such as incorrect client’s names for debossing. Please thoroughly check your order and contact us as soon as possible should there be an error with the order.

If there is ever a manufacturers concern please do not hesitate to contact us.


How do I order a sample for my studio?

You can order your sample the same way you would place a regular order.  Samples for your studio are 30% off on most of our products. All studio samples will be imprinted, “Studio Sample” on the inside back cover.

Sample Discount Rates

Album and Book : 30%
Box and Folio : 25%
Slip in Mat : No Applicable Discount
Loose print box & Prints : No Applicable Discount

Style Board : No Applicable Discount

How many studio samples can I order?

There is no limit to the number of studio samples your order. However all studio samples are marked “STUDIO SAMPLES” on the inside of the album and cannot be used for sale.

I don't live in Toronto and I want to see your albums. Do you have a loaner album program?

We currently don’t have loaner album program.


Do you colour correct my images?

When it comes to colour correction, we don’t touch your images. It is sometimes hard for us to determine if an image has been edited for artist effect or by error. So, when it comes to colour calibration and correction we ask for you to send us print ready images.

Do you check my layouts/images before they go to print?

Yes we always have one of our specialists review your order prior to sending it out for printing. Should we find any errors or mistakes you will immediately be contacted so we can quickly get the issue resolved. We pride ourselves on giving every album our “white glove” service and make sure that you receive it in perfect condition every time.

Can I make changes to the layout after I’ve placed an order?

If we pick up an issue before print, or if you contact us before the album goes to print, then the answer is yes. If your album has gone to print it may be possible to replace a spread before binding but there will be an additional charge per spread. In either case, if you need to make a change please contact us as soon as possible.


Do you Sell swatches of your cover materials?

We do sell our swatch kit. You can choose up to 10 cover materials which are wrapped in thick 4X6 boards. Each piece is labeled on the back, making it easier than ever to identify your favourites! All 10 pieces come in a beautiful handmade box and costs $100. We will credit $50 when you order a regular Flushmount Album.


I have been printing with other companies, is there a way I can check your colour either by getting prints made or by getting a print sample?

We couldn’t agree more! Especially if you have been using other companies for your printing. We can run one 8X10 for you as a test print. Just let us know what paper type you would like to see. To take advantage of this service, please email layouts and request to Shipping fee will be applied.


Do you ship outside of Canada?

Yes we ship orders to clients all over the world. If you would like a quote email us at

How much does it cost to ship my order?

Shipping is calculated per album/box as follows.

Within Toronto: $10
Within GTA area: $15
Within Ontario: $20
Anywhere else in Canada: $25
USA : $40

International: Please Email for quote
Extra Album: $10

Loose prints & swatch folio: $14 (via Canada Post)

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