Album Design 101

Below are some useful dimensions for reference when designing your albums in your choice of applications. These settings can simply be entered into software such as ©Adobe Photoshop, ©Adobe InDesign or any other third party design suites.

Album Design Software (3rd Party Applications)

Please try one of these 3 world class design software solutions to make designing albums more efficient. These time saving design applications will save you both time and money. ALL of Dekora Album’s album sizes are built into all 3 of these software solutions for designing needs.

Design Dimensions

Album Size Single Page Size Single Page Pixel Dimension Spread Dimension Spread Pixel Dimension Jpeg Photoshop Indesign
CS4 and over
5×7 5” H x 7” W 1500px x 2100px 10” w x 7” H 3000px x 2100px jpg psd indd idml
6×6 6” H x 6” W 1800px x 1800px 12” W x 6” H 3600px x 1800px jpg psd indd idml
8×8 8” W x 8” H 2400px x 2400px 16” W x 8” H 4800px x 2400px jpg psd indd idml
8×10 8” W x 10” H 2400px x 3000px 16” W x 10” H 4800px x 3000px jpg psd indd idml
10×8 10” W x 8” H 3000px x 2400px 20” W x 8” H 6000px x 2400px jpg psd indd idml
9×12 9” W x 12” H 2700px x 3600px 18” W x 12” H 5400px x 3600px jpg psd indd idml
12×9 12” W x 9” H 3600px x 2700px 24” W x 9” H 7200px x 2700px jpg psd indd idml
10×10 10” W x 10” H 3000px x 3000px 20” W x 10” H 6000px x 3000px jpg psd indd idml
11×14 11” W x 14” H 3300px x 4200px 22” W x 14” H 6600px x 4200px jpg psd indd idml
14×11 14” W x 11” H 4200px x 3300px 28” W x 11” H 8400px x 3300px jpg psd indd idml
12×12 12” W x 12” H 3600px x 3600px 24” W x 12” H 7200px x 3600px jpg psd indd idml

File Preparation 

Bleed/Trim .1” Within the image/file dimensions above

Edge Safety .375” Within the image/file dimensions above

File Type: All files must be saved and submitted @ 300DPI in .jpg format in sRGB colourspace.

File Transfer: Dropbox & WeTransfer are both efficient and free file transfer methods

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